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And we give men straightforward tools to use for dates, sex, and girlfriends.If you’re new to Girls Chase, take our Girl Skills Diagnostic to get oriented.On social media, they’ve encouraged us to declare our imperfections, and then sent people mugs with their twitter handle and imperfection printed on.In Tube stations, they have cleverly linked common imperfections to new dating events (like bad dancing, and an inability to cook).Chase Amante launched Girls in 2008 with one goal in mind: provide simple, intuitive dating advice to men they could go out and use.Since then, Girls Chase has become the world’s most popular men’s dating advice website, at over 750,000 visitors per month.

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It’s such a vulnerable part of our lives, and when you’re single, it can often feel like non-singles don’t understand how it feels.

And so often, marketing campaigns related to dating can go terribly wrong!

When it comes to looking your best, you couldn’t be in better hands. A session with her will be fun and playful, yet you’ll get down and dirty into your psyche to find out what underlying thoughts, beliefs, and habits might be sabotaging your love life.

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Struggling to find the right words for your profile? Gilly couldn’t think of a better way to spend her day than tweaking your profile until it is a perfect fit. The Girls Chase Team Everyone knows you shouldn't chase after women - but how do you differentiate between chasing and persistence?