Updating from 10 5 8 to 10 6 thai single dating

22-Aug-2017 16:12

Also, keep in mind that basically all previous versions to Office 2016 might bring you trouble.I intend to upgrade for that reason to 10.8 only, Mountain Lion.S.) HTH, - Nick You need to get yourself an OS 10.6 install disk. So it really comes down to at least three things that need to be considered when upgrading a computer's OS: 1.I do not know what options you have in Iran to get an OS 10.6 install disk. What apps do you currently have…and will they be made incompatible (won't run) if upgraded to a newer OS version. What OS version do the "new" apps you want to run require. What exact model is the computer…so we know just how far the OS can be upgraded (what's the newest OS version it can run)…IF…installed/upgrading to the newest OS version is desired.

updating from 10 5 8 to 10 6-60

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But in many places of the world…a 10.6 install disk can be purchased from the online Apple Store…or they can be purchased from other Mac users via e Bay. Need to know exactly what Mac Book model you have…to determine what the max. I know that you want/need to upgrade your Mac Book's OS to "get some apps to work" (like you mentioned in post #1).