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Daisy Ducati, 25, describes herself as a "professional succubus" on her Twitter profile.She is a porn star and a dominatrix, with a specialty in "fin domming," the practice of financially controlling a client. I'm grateful to my dysfunctional strict parents and years of Catholic school repression for leading me to the rough stuff in adulthood, though bondage is getting problematic these days because I have to pee frequently and I'm prone to charley horses. And she was right, because I really get off on it now.[Read: 20 hot sex ideas to blow your lover’s mind in bed!

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I'm the only woman wearing a black turtleneck dress in a room full of bodice-busting bit players. I beat the shit out of the same studio heads who used to reject me. But we ended up having sex in my motel room, because how often would I get to fuck someone who had guest-starred on ABC and NBC? Up to this point, my only BDSM experience was in the AOL chat rooms. Dial-up killed any vibe, and nobody had webcams, so you could lie about whatever you were or were not putting up your butt.They have accessories like ball gags, quirts, whips, leather and latex uniforms, handcuffs, bondage harness, leather boots…If you click on a thumbnail below you will access the performer chatroom.Fashion modeling led to fetish modeling, and then I started thinking maybe I could do a session, so I trained [as a dominatrix] and that really worked out well for me. It helped me advance as a sex worker for sure, and it made me a damn good stripper.

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Knowing how to talk to people and how to influence people is a big skill in the industry. Right now, I've been doing so much porn that only about 30 percent of my income is from fin domming.

You're demanding money for just paying attention to them. I would be like, "Hey, if you want to talk to me, you better go to the ATM." And they would.