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Or, it can be used for a seamless transition to another scene through an inversion.Sometimes, it is done to represent something (or someone) literally entering a character's mouth; usually, however, it is solely a visual effect (similarly used with eyes, noses, open doors, and motion picture screens).But the justification for my press badge was simple: The porn industry has a long, storied history of helping to popularize new technologies, a principal decider in such technological battles royal as VHS vs. Granted, things didn’t work out so well when the industry backed HD-DVD over Blu-ray, but some things deserve to stay in lower the first Google Glass porn finally surfaced roughly half a year ago, the near universal reaction was: “What took them so long?”" data-reactid="27"For its part, the adult entertainment industry is always looking to keep things interesting, and technology often affords the hook.This is a visual effect where a shot is ended by having the screen zoom into a character's wide open mouth, or vice versa, usually while this character is screaming or singing.Usually done in animation, since, among other things, it's likely to be a Gross-Up Close-Up in live action.They'll laugh together at the Rabbids' onscreen antics and pit their reflexes against those of their friends to try to earn more points, communicating with one another throughout. Most of the game is spent watching the rabbit-like creatures engaged in shenanigans that may involve them getting hurt from being slapped, electrocuted, or hit with an egg.Rather than show concern, fellow Rabbids simply watch, point, and laugh at their friends' misfortunes.

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" /Kids can learn to practice socializing and may even build friendships in this group play game.

There's little in the way of puzzle solving or strategizing, but kids play together in groups of up to four in friendly competition.

And while “sexy” is hardly atop the list of words that come to mind when we see Google Glass itself, Glass-wearers need love too, kids.

Sex With Glass, your one-stop shop for having sex…while wearing Google Glass.  Created at a recent all-day Hackathon, those hotbeds for hooking up, the Sex With Glass app hastily edits together video of your night of sweet passion, shot via the camera on the front of Google Glass.Their activities frequently put other characters in danger, though it's played for humor.

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